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I have always been fascinated by the essence of humanity, the deepest desires and needs, as well as the joy that arises from life's radiant moments. At the same time, I am aware that overcoming the darker aspects of life can be challenging. But the fulfillment and transformation that can emerge from these challenges hold profound value. I deeply care about your well-being and personal development in a professional coaching.

During and after completing my Master's degree in Communication & Media Effects at the University of Zurich, I have held various roles: content and project manager, leader of team-building programs, event organizer, and translator. My passion for personal stories and collaborating with people led to the founding and management of a specialty coffee shop and co-leadership of the International Photo Festival IPFO. However, I felt a desire to interact with people on a deeper level than I could - while serving them coffee. Therefore, I completed the CAS in Health Psychology at the Swiss Distance Learning University and received training as a Holistic Psychological Coach (IKP) at the Institute for Body-Centered Psychotherapy. I'm far from done with my learning journey: currently, I am in the process of certifying myself in EFT Tapping and as a Mind Body Eating Coach with a focus on nutritional psychology.

Photo Credit: Franziska Stolzenau

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“Holistic Psychological Coach IKP” 2023 at IKP (Institute for Body-Centered Psychotherapy)

"Systemic constellations in an individual setting" training seminar with Susan Falck, lic. phil. Federal Recognized psychotherapist, specialist psychologist for psychotherapy FSP, dipl. Body-centered psychotherapist IKP

"Breathe Freely - Release Emotional Blockages" online course with Scott Schwenk

"Certified EFT Practitioner" is expected to be completed in winter 2023/24 at the Center for EFT Studies

"Mind Body Eating Coach" graduation in June 2024 at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating


"MAS in Health Psychology" at the FFHS (Swiss Distance Technical University) in spring 2021


"M.A. & B.A. in media and communication sciences" with a focus on communication and media effects at UZH (University of Zurich)  2012 & 2016

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