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Possible topics

Low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence due to negative body images and self-image

Striving for a healthy and balanced lifestyle and implementing goals in a sustainable way, such as stopping smoking or reducing alcohol consumption, etc., more exercise or a healthier diet

Difficulties in accepting changes in the body, e.g. during puberty, after pregnancy or in the aging process

Dissatisfaction with your own body and appearance

Dealing with stress and its effects on the body and mind

General insecurity in dealing with one's own body, boundaries and needs

Negative effects of society's ideals of beauty and unrealistic portrayals in the media or stress and emotional distress due to body judgments from others

Prevention of mental and physical illnesses

Desire for a positive body feeling and a healthy relationship with your own body

Mindful relationship with the body

With my background in health psychology, media effects and coaching, I am here to support you in developing a healthy and mindful relationship with your body. Together, we will explore your relationship with your body and work on developing a mindful and self-confident body image.

Beauty: Individual vs Mainstream

It's important to me to emphasize your holistic individuality and not conform to a mainstream beauty ideal that doesn't align with your personality and body. In our sessions, we will examine and question common societal, social, and media ideals and influences that can often be harmful. Our goal is to develop a healthy relationship with them and distance ourselves from these influences. You will shape your own beauty ideal and body image.

Balanced & Holistic

I strongly believe that balance is the key to many aspects of life. Equilibrium, the journey as the goal, and valuing your holistic being are just a few aspects that guide us.

Healthy & sustainable goals


If you're aiming for positive changes in your life to feel better, become healthier, or express your own beauty ideal, I'm here to support you in achieving your goals within a healthy and sustainable framework.

Furthermore, I want to emphasize that I am not a medical doctor or psychotherapist. My offering is more of a preventive measure to avoid mental and physical illnesses. I am dedicated to highlighting the importance of preventive work in this field. We follow the salutogenic approach, which means we focus on the creation and maintenance of well-being.

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